cropped-bwcastiron-1.jpg  Cast Iron Restoration Service

Hi, I’m Chris. I restore vintage cast iron cookware to like-new condition and I love it!   You’ll find me at any of the Thrift shops/garage sales around town. I love that I’ve been able to turn my passionate hobby into something that I can share with many happy customers and clients, who not only love that I’m saving pieces from the scrap yard, but also trust me to restore their family heirlooms

Have you Found a rusty old cast iron pan in your basement and don’t know what to do with it.  I can bring it back to life for you.  I’m always on the hunt for new pieces and sell some of my most awesome finds. My favorite part of all of this are the stories that folks stop by to share with me about their cast iron, whether inherited from beloved family, or good finds out in the wild.  Thank you all for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm and learn more about these wonderful pieces of history!

Some of the items we’re able to restore back to their like-new condition are:
  • Skillets.
  • Griddles.
  • Pans.
  • Grill Grates.
  • Dutch Ovens.

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