Cast Iron Vinager Bath


As strong and durable that cast iron is, it is bound to happen at some point in time. Rust happens and this is where a Vinegar bath comes into play. It’s a easy straight forward way of taking care of the problem in these simple steps

All you need is

  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Abrasive scrubber to make your rusted, damaged cast iron gleam like new.
  1. Mix the water and Vinegar 50/50, and let the pan soak in the mixture for an hour or up to six depending on how bad the rust is. If not completely submerged in the Vinegar solution, the result will be an unevenness of color.
  2. Then scrub using a stainless steel scouring pad or steel wool, and rinse well. Additional half hour soaks/scrub sessions may be necessary and are OK, but don’t leave the piece soaking for longer periods.
  3. Once free of rust, to prevent its return, the piece should be thoroughly rinsed, dried, and Seasoned.
  4. Don’t spend extra money on Apple Cider or Name Brand Vinegar– any cheap White Vinegar will do.



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