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Welcome to Straight Outta My Kitchen’s Cast Iron Link’s page. Here you’ll be able to find almost any link regarding Cast Iron Cookware. So take your time and take a stroll through and see what you can find. Can’t find a certain link to your favorite Cast Iron Page, why don’t you send me the link to add to our Link’s.

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Misc Site’s


American Cast Iron Company’s

  • Griswold
  • Vollrath
  • Wagner Ware
  • Favorite
  • Atlanta Stove Works
  • Lodge
  • Wapak
  • Krampouz
  • Borough Furnace
  • FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Company
  • NEST Homeware
  • TAKU Ironware Company
  • Stargazer Cast Iron
  • Marquette Castings
  • Smithey Ironware Company
  • Butter Pat Industries
  • Ferleon
  • Milo
  • The Field Company


Canadian Cast Iron Company’s

  • T. Eaton Co. – Eaton’s was a department store chain who sold various hollowware with their name on it. Markings indicate it was outsourced from foundries like Smart’s.
  • Findlay – Carleton Place, ON (1862-1974) *Some Findlay pieces are seen with Lisser or Smart’s ghost marks.
  • General Steel Wares (GSW) – Toronto, ON (1927-)
  • Javelin – Joliette, QC (1949-)
  • L’Islet – L’Islet, QC (1856-1878)
  • Lisser – *Little information is available on Lisser.
  • McClary Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (McClary’s) – London, ON (1851-)
  • James Smart Mfg. Co. (Diamond G) – Brockville, ON (1854-1965)

Japaneses Cast Iron Company’s

  • ABC Carpet & Home
  • Nambu Tekki
  • Levcoware

France Cast Iron Company’s

  • Staub
  • Le Creuset


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