Science Proves Plants Have Feelings, Too!

#ScienceProvesPlantsHaveFeelingsToo #Plants #HaveFeelings

Plants Have Feelings, Too! In which we administer rhetorical herbicide to a perennial argument “ There is a very obvious and important objection to the argument that, from an ethical point of view, eating plants is no better or worse than eating animals. It’s still not clear whether this means plants can Actually Feel The Chewing, but it was the first evidence that the munching sounds cause them to react.

Do plants have feelings? Can they hear sounds? Do they like music? To the skeptic, the idea that plants have feelings or feel pain is ridiculous. “feeling” exist only on a nervous system. Plant’s don’t have nervous system, they can’t feel. When you eat an apple, even if you finish it,

“But even IF, contrary to all known evidence we have, plants do feel pain, it would still be preferable to eat vegan. Far more plants are killed for non-vegan diets, as more plants must be harvested to feed animals.”– Dexter Mel Thomas

If you live with a dog you just know when it’s happy or miserable, don’t you? Of course you do. Even the scientific community, now admits that dogs have emotions. The belief that our plants respond well when their owners talk to them — or even play them soothing music — is so widespread that it has begun to intrigue scientists. We express our enjoyment by some moves in muscles. As the plants grow instead of moving like us therefore we should expect to find the good feeling from a full sun or rain shower as a growth response.

Mythbusters carried out a little science experiment to find out Whether Plants Can Actually Feel Pain or even the thoughts of others when directing negative thoughts.


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